Pharmacy Savings Program FAQ

How does the pharmacy savings program work?
Once you join the program, we contact your pharmacy and have the discounts applied to your account. If savings are available for your medications, they’ll be automatically applied when you pick up a refill. You don’t need to show a card or coupon.

How much does it cost to join the pharmacy savings program?
It’s completely free to CareZone members.

Can I use the pharmacy savings in addition to my insurance?
You can use the discounted price instead of your prescription insurance if the cost is lower. Our coupons can't be used with insurance or to lower your co-pay.

Is the pharmacy savings program a form of insurance?
No, it is not insurance. The applicable discounts can be used instead of prescription insurance if the cost is lower.

What medications can the discounts be applied to?
The discounts can be applied to all brand name or generic prescriptions that are paid for out-of-pocket.

How much will I save?
You can save up to 80% on your prescription drugs. How often can the discounts be applied? There are no limits on usage. You can use the discounts whenever they are available.

How can I cancel my registration?
You can cancel at any time by calling 888-807-9798.

Can discounts be applied at all pharmacies?
The pharmacy savings program includes over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide. At this time, discounts cannot be used on CareZone Pharmacy orders. This will change in the future.

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