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  1. Inbox 

    1. Send CareZone messages and get help through Inbox
  2. New User Guide 

    1. Managing lots of medications?
    2. What to add to the Journal?
    3. Who to add to Contacts?
    4. Be prepared in an emergency
    5. How does sharing work?
  3. Medications 

    1. Email and share a medication list
    2. Add medications
    3. Tips for scanning medications
    4. Add new medication reminder times
    5. Change an existing medication reminder time
  4. Profile & Insurance 

    1. Add your insurance cards in CareZone
    2. CareZone Emergency Card
    3. Access your insurance cards in CareZone
    4. Edit profile information
  5. Tracking Medications & Vitals 

    1. Track medication doses
    2. Track vitals and health trends.
    3. Tracking as needed (PRN) medications
    4. View tracked medication doses
    5. Edit tracked medication doses
  6. Journal 

    1. Set a journal reminder
    2. Add an entry to the Journal via email
    3. Edit a Journal entry
  7. Printing & Sharing 

    1. Print med list and schedules
    2. Share your CareZone calendar with your iOS, Google, Yahoo!, or Outlook calendars
    3. Share your CareZone
    4. Revoke access for someone you've shared with
    5. Print CareZone information
  8. Privacy and Safety 

    1. Is CareZone compliant with HIPAA?
    2. Will you keep my family information safe?
    3. Why does CareZone need access to my phone’s contacts, photos, camera, and microphone?
    4. Protect your account with a passcode (app only)
  9. Manage My Account 

    1. Add more CareZone profiles
    2. Unsubscribe from CareZone emails
    3. Delete a CareZone profile in your account
    4. Manage push notifications
    5. Reset your password
  10. About CareZone 

    1. Who is CareZone?
  11. All articles 

    1. Add more CareZone profiles
    2. Set a journal reminder
    3. Email and share a medication list
    4. Is CareZone compliant with HIPAA?
    5. Track medication doses
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